Corporate & Commercial

In the modern world, a corporate lawyer in a company is a key asset. The knowledge and experience of a corporate lawyer is the guarantee of the company's success and prosperity.

Some time ago, controversial issues between companies were often resolved with the involvement of criminal structures or during direct negotiations between businessmen. Now we have learned to solve such problems in a different way, a position as a corporate lawyer has emerged, dealing not only with the verification of documents and contracts, but also with all the legal issues that a company has in practice.

Our Corporate & Commercial team is a key component of our law firm and consists of highly experienced lawyers, who provide quality legal advice to a diverse portfolio of clients in a broad range of industry sectors.

Our Corporate & Commercial services include:

Why choose our lawyers?

Our lawyers help develop the decision-making procedure according to the company’s condition, objectives and existing risks.

Vast experience

If you need an experienced Corporate & Commercial lawyer, you have come to the right place. Our professionalism has helped us develop a strong connection with and empathy for our clients.

The best solution

In addition to solving the general legal problems of your organization, our lawyers perfectly understand shareholders’ rights, the requirements for the creation and operation of all types of companies, rules for the formation of stock packages, stock transactions, and the essence of the dividend policy.

Count on us

We are always ready to assist you with commercial matters, contracting process and any specific requirements that you may have in the corporate field. Our clients benefit from our specialized tax and regulatory expertise, that allows us to provide clear answers and implementable solutions.

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