Competition lawyers aim to ensure a fair market for consumers and producers by preventing unethical or anti-competitive practices aimed at gaining a higher market share than would be achieved through fair competition.

As competition has become an integral part of the business environment, our team is dedicated to interpreting the regulatory process into everyday language so as to provide practical and reliable advice to our clients.

Our practice covers:

Why choose our lawyers?

We offer the full spectrum of antitrust and competition services.

Vast experience

Our competition lawyers have a strong reputation and have successfully assisted our clients to comply with competition law requirements and limit their exposure to antitrust investigations and sanctions.

The best solution

After its accession to the European Union, Romania was compelled to transform the legal framework concerning this field in order to comply with the requirements of the EU rules. We support companies to properly address the new risks and challenges and keep up with the difficult and changing rules of antitrust and competition laws.

Count on us

We offer the best legal solutions to support your business across the rapidly evolving environment of competition law in Romania.

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