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Public Procurement, PPP, PFI

Our extensive work experience allows us to advise across a wide range of subject areas in the public sector and infrastructure projects involving Public Procurement, PPP and PFI schemes as well as projects financed through EU funds.


We provide a blend of expert knowledge and practical advice designed to achieve our clients’ objectives in a cost-effective, bankable and pragmatic manner under very tight timescales.


Mitel & Asociatii has provided legal assistances in industries such as highways and road infrastructure, water and sewage, heat, hospitals, waste treatment,public transportation and European finance, including cross-border projects.


Having a deep understanding of legal and technical issues, we can provide practical and readily implementable solutions to our clients.


Our advice covers the initial structuring and tendering stage, including legislative and regulatory issues, through to the financing and final contractual negotiations.


Our legal services include:
• review of legal framework and draft amendments
• preparing tender books and offers
• drafting Terms of Reference and standard terms and contracts
• assistance for analyzing the bidders’offers
• drafting works, services and concession contracts
• drafting due diligence
• obtaining clarifications in tender procedures
• drafting applications and bids
• negotiation of risk matrix
• negotiation of contracts
• administrative and judicial claims.


Sorin Mitel
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