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The Firm

Mitel & Partners is acknowledged as one of the top Romanian law firms, advising a vast range of local and international clients, including corporations, financial institutions, governmental bodies and individuals.


In line with our principle to add value to our clients’ businesses, we provide them with unsophisticated but comprehensive and business oriented legal services.


We provide legal services at the highest standards of quality, based upon our extensive experience involving major projects that cover a large spectrum of financial and business activities.


We are sensitive to the importance of preserving the confidentiality of client information as well as to the need for effective cost management. We take special consideration in maintaining a close and personal contact with our clients.

Client-oriented service model – We are a unique blend on the legal market, combining the expertise and highest professional and ethical standards of a full-service firm with the flexibility and responsiveness of a boutique firm. Our mission is to deliver experienced legal assistance by developing flexible working teams tailored to the client’s individual requirements.


Excellent results – We pride ourselves on a practical understanding of the business environment which enables us to constantly exceed our clients’ expectations with our proactive approach and comprehensive legal advice. In addition to top-notch legal skills, our lawyers possess the determination to find the optimal solution for our clients, no matter how complex and demanding the challenge or how pressing the time frame.


Reliable partners – Our clients choose us for both litigious and non-litigious complex matters involving the full spectrum of legal expertise. We build long-term relationships with them based on added value and the ability to adapt to their needs in a cost-effective manner. Our creative thinking, legal expertise and boldness make our clients rely on us to solve their high-stakes matters.


Geographical footprint – Rather than being a single-office firm, we also have a strong national and regional focus. We follow our clients’ business on a national scale and often in cross-border transactions and dispute resolutions. We have built long-lasting collaborations with many first tier regional and international law firms.


Following requests from our clients and recognizing the recent resurgence and development of the regional markets, we opened our first secondary office in Timisoara, as part of our expansion strategy for 2015. Sustainable growth is at the core of our strategy as we follow our clients’ interests throughout the country. Timisoara, together with Iasi and Brasov (which are the next estimated targets) polarize the major business deals within their respective areas and undoubtedly represent attractive investment opportunities for our clients. By establishing a local presence, built on the same ethical and professional standards that earned our reputation, we are in the position to provide our services timely and more effectively.

Ethics and confidentiality

Mitel & Asociatii is committed to excellence in the practice of law, while maintaining the highest ethical standards and preserving the confidentiality of our clients’ information. We have in place policies and procedures to assist all our lawyers in giving independent advice of the highest quality.


Long-term relationships with our clients

We pride ourselves on building long-term relationships while creating value of our clients. This enables us to reach an understanding of our clients that makes us more sensitive to their concerns and responsive to their needs.

Technical excellence

While keeping a close contact with our clients, we aim to be excellent technicians in our profession,
providing high quality advice promptly and efficiently.


We work as a team and we are aware that our lawyers are the most valuable asset of our firm. Consistent with our vision, we invest in our people and we are fully committed to develop and broadening our people’ skills, whatever their role is in our firm.

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